George SimpsonGeorge Simpson is the primary skipper of the MV Sunrise.  As a former skipper for the local pilot boats Geordie has an excellent knowledge of Orkney's waters. 

His qualifications includes MCA Boatman's Licence (tier 2) and Sea Fish commercial endorsement. 

Geordie has over 35 years' experience on boats, and has spent many years as skipper on the MV Sunrise.


Douglas LeaskDouglas Leask is a skipper and the owner of the Sunrise.

He is a commercial HSE Part 1 diver with over 25 years underwater experience.

Along with the Sunrise, he runs a Commercial Diving outfit, Leask Marine, which was involved in the removal of oil from the Royal Oak.

His boat qualifications also include the Master Coded Vessel Certificate, RYA Yachtmasters Offshore Certificate and MCA Class 3 Boatmasters Certificate.