The “Remaining” Wrecks

F2 PhotoF2 and YC21 Barge

The 80 metre, 756 ton escort boat F2 was part of a class of ten ordered by the German Navy in the 1930s. Discovered to have poor seakeeping the F2 was lengthened and converted to a torpedo recovery vessel in which format she was passed to the Royal Navy as part of war reparations in 1946. She sank shortly thereafter and attempts to salvage her using the barge YC21 ended when the barge sank in a storm on 15th November 1968. The barge was carrying various parts salvaged from the F2 and these, including a twin 20mm cannon, remain in her hold or are strewn across the seabed.

The F2 is substantially intact from its mid section, including its main gun and the two vessels make for an interesting, shallow, beginner level dive in up to 18 metres of water, and is accessible regardless of tide.