The “Remaining” Wrecks

Gobernador Boreis

A 2,332 ton, 87.2 metre single screw steamer, built in West Hartlepool in 1882, the Gobernador Boreis operated off Chile, Argentina and the Falklands as a cargo vessel and whaling ship until falling into disuse. The Admiralty acquired the hulk and towed her back to Orkney to use as a blockship. Like many of the other blockships in Burra sound, her sinking in October 1914 was unsuccessful and she ended up in deeper water than intended in the wrong place.

Now relatively broken up and open, the ship's steam engines provide an interesting feature on a vessel covered in marine life and teeming with fish. This is another great beginner to intermediate level dive at 13-17 metres depth, however she must be dived at slack water and makes a great second dive, like the other Burra Sound wrecks.