The “Remaining” Wrecks

SMS Coln PhotoSMS Cöln (II)

The Cöln II was one of two Cöln II class light cruisers completed before the Armistice. At 115 metres and 5,620 tonnes she was classified as a small protected cruiser by the Imperial German Navy. She was armed with eight 15cm and two 8.8cm guns, four 60cm torpedo tubes (two deck and two below water) and up to 200 mines. Entering service ten months before the end of the war she saw little service.

One of the most intact wrecks, she sits on her starboard side in 18-36 metres of water. The engine room has been broken up and extensively salvaged, but there a multitude of fittings, guns and even a torpedo tube to be seen. This wreck is highly rated for penetration, but most divers are content to view this magnificent ship from outside, in which case diving the Cöln is not technically demanding, and can be dived in any tide condition.